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The Second Generation Biofuel Centre is a semi-industrial pilot scale test facility able to develop 2nd generation biofuel production processes based on raw materials that are not competitive with the food industry (especially lignocellulosic materials such as forest and grass waste) and the production of biofuels via different production means (thermochemical, biochemical and/or enzymatic) and the application of biorefinery concepts.

CB2G 3

It includes:

  • Laboratory to treat and characterise process samples.

  • Biomass physical pre-treatment unit: Processing capacity for 500 kg. of Biomass/h with the following stages:

    • Chipping / Chopping.
    • Drying.
    • Roasting.
    • Grinding.
    • Pelletising.
  • Gasification unit: Bubbling fluidised bed reactor with nominal power: of 2 Mwt, operation pressure: 0.3 bar, able to operate with air and steam + oxygen mixes.

  • Biochemical module: Installation able to work in different configurations (SHF, SSF, CBP) and carry out different fermentation processes in both aerobiosis and anaerobiosis.

    • Pre-treatment unit.
    • Enzymatic hydrolysis with high solid content.
    • Fully monitored line of fermenters, ready to operate in aerobiosis and anaerobiosis.
    • Micro-organism propagation reactor.

The 2nd Generation Biofuel Plant is one of the Technological Core Facilities involved in the Sharebiotec project, through the participation of the Government of Navarra (Innovation, Enterprise and Employment Department). Sharebiotec is a European Project funded by the Transnational Program of the Atlantic Area

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Second Generation Biofuel Centre (CB2G)



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