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CENER will present in WindEurope 2019 its novelties in aerodynamic and structural design, wind farm management and testing methods

Bilbao (Spain), 2-4 April BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre) Ronda de Azkue, 1 -48902 Ansio-Barakaldo +info:     WIND EUROPE CONFERENCE Tuesday, 2 April WORKSHOP. NEWA project  Roberto Chavez  y Javier Sanz (coordinator of the workshop and the project in Spain)…

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CL-Windcon project shows developments on wind farm models during its third General Assembly Meeting hosted by CENER in Pamplona

The project is focused on a new way of approaching the design and operation of a wind farm, based on the wind farm closed loop control paradigm. The CL-Windcon project has recently celebrated its third General Assembly Meeting in Pamplona,…

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New international collaboration to improve the performance of offshore wind turbine blades

CENER's simulation of vortex generators.   Seven new technological blade enhancements aim to reduce cost of offshore wind energy by up to 4.7% A major, international €4 million research collaboration between 10 European partners is leading the development of seven…

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IRENA launches in partnership with CENER, the Global Atlas 3.0, the resource data for renewable energy professionals

IRENA, launched past May the 15th in a webinar from Abu Dhabi the new release of the Global Atlas 3.0 for Renewable Energies. It has been developed in partnership with the Computing and Software Development Service from CENER, and it…

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CENER coordinates a new european project on advanced wind farm and wind turbine control

CL-Windcon has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. 14 partners from 6 countries are participating in the project. The project will address advanced modeling, open- and closed-loop control algorithms at a farm level, by…

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