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Used to evaluate the feasibility of new designs, optimise the manufacturing process for composite material components, characterise process control variables and the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of materials.

It has two separate working areas: 125 m2 for the process workshop and 90 m2 for the characterisation laboratory, as well as a 40 m2 warehouse. It has equipment such as DSC, DMA, viscometer, gel meter, optical microscope with image processing, 600 kN static mechanical test machinery with 30 kN sensor, 250 kN fatigue mechanical testing machine, hot plate press, test tools with heating system and accessories for infusion and prepreg, inspection equipment, measuring equipment, data acquisition equipment, cutter, polisher, mixer, scales, oven, furnaces, baths, etc.

Physical/Chemical/Mechanical Characterisation Laboratory

DSC, viscometers, DMTA, microscopy, ovens, furnaces, densometer, gel meter, universal testing machine.

Manufacturing Test Workshop

Measuring tools, process parameters, manufacture of test specimens, measuring and control equipment, etc.

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