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Mr. Manuel Ayerdi Olaizola
Vice President for Economic Development  (Government of Navarre)


Mrs. Carmen Vela Olmo
State Secretary for Research, Development and Innovation (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness)


Mr. Miguel Pérez García
General Technical Secretary at the Department of Business and Innovation (Government of Navarre)


Mr. Daniel Navia Simon
Secretary of State for Energy (Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda)

Mr. Juan María Vazquez Rojas
Secretary General for Research and Innovation (Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness)

Mrs. Mª Yolanda Blanco Rodríguez
Director General for Industry, Energy and Innovation (Goverment of Navarre)

Mr. José Ignacio Doncel Morales
Secretary General of Large Scientific and Technical Facilities (Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness)

Mr. Ramón Gavela González
General Director (CIEMAT)

Mr. Ramon González García
Vice-Chancellor for Research (Public University of Navarre)

Mrs. Margarita Vila Pena
Deputy Director for Institutional Relations and Knowledge Transfer (CIEMAT)

Mr. Roberto Yoldi Echarren
Director for Energy, Mines and Industrial Safety (Government of Navarre)

Mrs. María Luisa Castaño Marín
Energy Department Director (CIEMAT)

Mr. Xabier Troyas Echávarri
General Manager (CEMITEC)

Mrs. Ana María Vicente Alzuaz
Director for the Innovation Services and Knowledge Transfer (Government of Navarre)

Mrs. Laura Larraya Irigoyen
Head of Section for Business Registration (Government of Navarre)

Mr. Martín Ibarra Murillo
Head of Section for Infraestructures (Government of Navarre)

Mr. Juan Ormazábal Jordana
Designated by Government of Navarre

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