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Cener starts the pyranometer calibration season

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Cener starts the pyranometer calibration season

17 February 2012

CENER owns the only laboratory in Spain accredited by ENAC to calibrate pyranometers and pyrheliometers.

The National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) will soon be kicking off the new pyranometer calibration season. CENER’s Solar Thermal Test Laboratory is the only laboratory in Spain to be accredited to calibrate pyranometers according to the international ISO standard 9847:1992 “Calibration of field pyranometers by comparison to a reference pyranometer”.

Pyranometers are calibrated outdoors on a horizontal surface with respect to a standard pyranometer with traceability to reference standards of the World Radiation Center (WRC-PMOD) in Davos (Switzerland). The measurements will be carried out at the BSRN radiometric station that CENER possesses at its facilities in Sarriguren, Navarra.

CENER’s laboratory has also been recently accredited by ENAC to calibrate field pyrheliometers according to international ISO standard 9059:1990. The pyrheliometer calibration season is open all year.

Apart from the activities described, the Measurement and Characterisation service of CENER’s Solar Thermal Energy Department, is a technology benchmark in:

- Audit of solar radiation measurement stations.

- Characterisation tests on solar thermal power plant components:

  • · Field characterisation of the optical quality of solar collectors.
  • · Non-destructive optical characterisation of solar receptors. Capacity to measure spectral transmittance and reflectance simultaneously, in the wave length range (300 nm to 2500 nm).
  • · Characterisation of the heat losses of solar receptors, at different temperatures.
  • · Characterisation of spectral reflectance, absorbance and transmittance.
  • · Durability tests: exposure to saline mist, thermal cycles; damp heat and hailstorm resistance.
  • · Bespoke tests to assess the energy performance of special prototypes.
  • · Assessment and characterisation of systems and components.

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