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‘R&D in sustainable building’ is the topic of a conference that will be held in Pamplona on 22 and 23 March.

This morning the Government of Navarra and associated institutions have presented the Conclimat project in the Sala Civican, Pamplona. This housing project offers up to 50% savings in energy bills.

The project falls within the Euroinnova Navarra Programme, and it will be the topic of the conference on “R&D in sustainable building” that will be held in Pamplona on the 22nd and 23rd of March, which counts on the participation of international specialists.

The conference programme is divided into three theme blocks:  the first will be integrally given over to the Conclimat project and its results; the second to real cases and experiences acquired in the application of R&D in construction, and the third will offer an overview of R&D&I in the construction sector.

The Conclimat energy efficiency project adapts to the climate conditions of Pamplona, and the increase in costs represented by constructing a building of these characteristics has been avoided by developing optimised construction solutions. Thus, the project pre-empts theEuropean Directive 2010/31/EC, according to which, all buildings from 2020 onward will have to generate almost the same amount of energy as they consume.

An advance of the Conclimat results and the conference programme were presented this morning by Rafael Muguerza, director of the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Service of the Government of Navarra; Florencio Manteca, director of the Building Energy Department of the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER), the leading entity of the project; Ana Sanchez Ostiz, professor of the University of Navarra and director of theSavia Arquitectura research group; and Rafael Aldai, responsible for the Climate Change, Energy and Mobility area of the Environmental Resource Centre of Navarra (CRANA).

In addition to these entities, the Public University of Navarra, and the companies, Abaigar, Acciona Instalaciones, ACR, AH, Miyabi and Rockwool also participate in the Conclimate project.

Towards nearly zero energy consumption

In 2010, during the development of the project, the European Directive 2010/31/EC on energy efficiency in buildings was published.  This Directive determines that by 31 December 2020, all new builds must have nearly zero energy consumption. To achieve this objective, each member country must establish the intermediate objectives to be satisfied from 2015 onwards.

The directive indicates, too, that the requirements must be determined in each area so that optimal equilibrium is reached between the investments made and the energy costs saved throughout the lifecycle of the building. With this future regulatory perspective, the initial objectives of the Conclimat project are reinforced, given that it represents a first step towards high energy efficiency building models, which, within a short period of time, will go from being a possibility into a compulsory reality.


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