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CENER, technical advisor of the “interregional partnership to develop competitive european value chains”

From left to right: Mikel Irujo (Navarre Gov.), Goizeder Barberena (CENER) and Jorge Molina Villanueva (ADItech).

Experts of the Biomass Department of CENER (National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain) provide technical advice to the team led at regional level by Government of Navarre, and in which ADItech Technology Corporation also participates, to establish an interregional partnership to develop the competitiveness of European value chains. Indeed, this pilot action financed by the European Commission through the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO), aims at fostering the development of an interregional innovation partnership in Bioeconomy. Its main goal is to promote technological development and investments at regional level, by commercializing and scaling-up interregional projects in Bioeconomy.

The project idea on Bioeconomy, created during 2017 in the Framework Programme of the European Network Vanguard Initiative, will be developed throughout 2018 with the double objective of  improving the development of European value chains (such as the production of bioaromatics from lignin, or gas fermentation), and attracting private investment in specific areas.

The regional-technological consortium on Bioeconomy headed by Flanders region (Belgium), is composed by a wide range of European regions such as “Lower Austria”, Emilia Romana (Italy), North Brabant (Holland), and Navarre (Spain).

This pilot approach is of special interest for the European Commission since on top of the specific aspects of each supply chain, within this action the basis for a possible new financial instrument that could be implemented during the future 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, might be also laying.

The Bioeconomy partnership kick-off meeting was held in Brussels last February with the participation of Mikel Irujo, Delegate of the Government of Navarre in Brussels, Jorge Molina Villanueva, ADItech Office in Brussels and Goizeder Barberena, Biomass researcher in CENER.

About Vanguard Initiative

The partnerships were envisaged as a pilot project by the European Commission Communication related to Strengthening Innovation in Europe’s Regions, published last 18th July 2017. The communication acknowledged that interregional innovation partnerships supported by EU funds were inspired by the success of the Vanguard Initiative, being the aim of this pilot project to identify and scale up ‘bankable’ interregional projects that can create European value chains in priority sectors such as big data, bioeconomy, resource efficiency, connected mobility or advanced manufacturing. Besides, the Vanguard Initiative has developed a 4-step methodology (Learn, Connect, Demonstrate and Commercialise/Uptake) which has also inspired the creation of the “thematic partnerships” of the European Commission. Next 16th May, Navarre represented by its Delegate in Brussels, Mikel Irujo, will present the report prepared within the Committee of the Regions on this topic.


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