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  • The President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, and the Minister Manu Ayerdi, participated yesterday together with the Vice President in the meeting and the subsequent visit to some of the test facilities of the National Technology Center.
Sarriguren (Navarra), July 21, 2020.– The fourth vice-president of the Government and minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, went yesterday to the headquarters of CENER (National Center for Renewable Energies) located in Sarriguren ( Navarra), to participate in a meeting and subsequently visit part of the testing infrastructure and laboratories of the national technology center. The President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, and the Minister of Economic and Business Development and President of the CENER Foundation, Manu Ayerdi, also participated in the meeting.

The Government of Navarra also attended the meeting: Yolanda Blanco, General Director of Industry, Energy and Strategic Projects S3, and President of the Management Commission of the CENER Foundation, Izaskun Goñi, General Director of Company Policy, International Projection and Work and Pilar Irigoyen, director-manager of Sodena.

At the initial meeting of the conference, Manu Ayerdi and the CEO of CENER, Pablo Ayesa, commented on some of the main R + D + i projects and activities that CENER is currently developing to collaborate in solving the challenges of the necessary sustainable energy transition. and efficient.

At the end of the meeting, the Vice President of the Government Teresa Ribera and the President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, signed in the CENER Book of Honor, since it is the first time that President Chivite has officially visited the center.





Subsequently, attendees had the opportunity to visit some of the laboratories that are located at CENER headquarters. The first was the Laboratory of Characterization, Pretreatment, Fermentation and Biomass Transformation Processes, where Javier Gil, director of the Biomass Department told them about the projects they carry out in the framework of the circular economy, energy storage, as well as the decarbonisation of transport and industry. These projects aim to develop sustainable technologies for the recovery of bio-waste, the production of biodegradable bioplastics, the chemical recycling of plastic waste, the chemical storage of energy in energy vectors such as biomethane, the production of advanced biofuels, and the production of biofuels. solids from residual biomass.




The second laboratory they visited was the Characterization of Thermal Solar Collectors, where Marcelino Sánchez, director of the Department of Solar Thermal Energy of CENER, highlighted, among the challenges of the energy transition, the role that thermosolar power plants can play, emphasizing the role that thermal storage plays as a key piece, and proposing some innovative technological solutions.


The meeting ended with an institutional photo in front of the photovoltaic facade of the CENER headquarters.

“CENER has been a key benchmark for the take-off of wind energy worldwide and for innovation in the area of energy transition. His work is at the height of the efforts made by other countries such as Denmark or Germany in this field ”. Vice President Teresa Ribera told reporters yesterday. STATEMENTS BY THE MINISTER RIBERA ON THE ACTIVITY OF CENER


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