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Biomass Department

Temporary contract // In Sarriguren and Aoiz (Navarre)

The core responsibility will be to contribute in defining, supervising and carrying out tests, analysis and evaluation of testing results in the laboratory or at the pilot plant. In addition, preparing the necessary progress reports and proceedings to accomplish the set objectives of the center´s commercial projects, its competition and of its internal development. At all-time making sure the quality, cost and term standards are followed.

Specifically, carrying out an array of duties:

  • Establish the required methods, workstations and equipment for the new microbiology and molecular biology laboratory.
  • Establish a work plan and the necessary test conditions for the new laboratory in terms of the ongoing field projects and in coordination with the person in charge of the Lab,
  • Undertake, monitor, supervise and support lab trials,
  • Analyse and assess all tests results from the laboratory and prepare progress reports of projects,
  • General duties of the laboratory (such as purchase, maintenance of machinery, …),

We are looking for a more than capable researcher that will be involved in the planning, coordination and execution of testing in the laboratory or at the pilot plant in which this researcher will be able to take corrective action and make improvements.  We are expecting a good set of skills required for data analysis and assessment obtained from testing for the preparation of progress reports according to the set project scope.

Education: Doctor in Science; Biology/Bio technology /Micro Biology or equivalent, with a PhD or experience in R&D projects related to molecular biology techniques and genetic engineering of microorganisms.

Experience:The necessary fields of expertise:

  • Experience in evolutionary adaptation, genetic engineering, sequencing and extraction of DNA, RNA and PCR, cellular transformation, as well as preparation, sowing and growing of crops using microorganisms.
  • Experience in R&D projects.

Languages: Excellent knowledge in English (in speaking and writing).

*More information and to send CV: and indicate subject: RESEARCHER IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY TECHNIQUES



Phtotovoltaic Solar Energy Department

Stable integration // in Sarriguren (Navarre)

His/her mission will be to lead and manage the Photovoltaic Technological Innovation and Development Service, taking direct responsibility for the management of a team of 9 people. Specifically, he/she will carry out the following functions:

  • Promotion, leadership, and supervision of projects in the field of photovoltaic innovation and development.
  • Search for public and private funding and investment for the development of projects, identifying commercial opportunities with private companies and participation in competitive projects.
  • Achievement of the objectives set by the management of the department, ensuring compliance with quality and deadline requirements.
  • Active participation in the planning and definition of the R&D strategy and developments, following the guidelines set by the department management.
  • Definition of service needs and budget planning.
  • Participation in national and international forums of the sector.
  • Creation and maintenance of networks of necessary external collaborators (by operation or knowledge) to maintain the services and generate the technological strategy.
  • Working together with the other heads of service of the department, aligning with the strategy and objectives of the organisation.

We are looking for professionals with a Degree in Engineering, Bachelor in Physical Sciences, or Bachelor in Chemical Sciences. A Master’s degree or PhD related to the technical knowledge of the photovoltaic area will be an asset.

It is required to have a proven and extensive experience in the photovoltaic development and innovation sector, as well as direct experience in people and project management. Experience in participation in national and international forums is also required. References are required.

We are looking for a person with leadership and a high capacity for teamwork. Fluency in written and spoken English is essential.

More information and to send CV: and indicate subject: HEAD OF THE PV INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT SERVICE


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