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Participation in Committees

Member of national and international associations in order to share information, network and develop common strategies, such as:

  • Europe:
    • Bionergy Europe (former AEBIOM)
    • IBTC: International Biomass Torrefaction Council
    • EERA – Bioenergy: The European Alliance for excellent research in sustainable bioenergy
    • BIC: Biobased Industries Consortium
  • Spain:
    • ASEBIO:  Spanish Bioindustry Association
    • ASOBIOCOM: Spanish Biodegradable Compostable Plastics Association
    • GASNAM: Sustainable Transport Association Integrating Gas &H2 Value Chains
    • AVEBIOM: Spanish Biomass Association


Member of participative fora with the main R&D actors of the sector:

  • Europe:
  • Spain:
    • BIOPLAT: Spanish Technological and Innovation Platform ‘Biomass for the Bioeconomy’
    • SUSCHEM : Spanish Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry

Active member of different committees:

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