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The CENER Department of Energy Transition in Cities (TEC) is mainly involved in the study and application of energy in buildings. It works to promote a new and more energy-efficient architecture and city planning, where renewable energies play an essential role, consistent with the energy and environmental context, and in line with the European objectives to mitigate the effect of climate change and to reduce energy dependence.

The TEC Dept. develops research projects that propose new energy concepts, which bring us a step closer to the scenario of zero-energy buildings and of smart cities and low emissions.

It carries out projects for public administrations and private enterprises, collaborating with architects, engineers, manufacturers and developers. The TEC department mainly carries out work aimed at applying energy saving criteria to buildings and cities, and at the full-scale integration of renewable energies in urban environments. The main lines of action include:

What activities does the Energy Transition in Cities Dept. carry out?

Energy Transition in Buildings Brochure

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Florencio Manteca
Director of the Energy Transition in Cities Department

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