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Main R&D&i Projects


CENER is coordinating the European project STARDUST, in which the so called lighthouse cities of Pamplona, Trento (Italy) and Tampere (Finland) will implement different innovative urban solutions in the field of energy, electric mobility and smart buidings, by means of the most advanced ICT solutions and Internet of Things (IoT). This R&D project on Smart Cities is co-financed by the European Commission on the call Smart Cities and Communities – SCC1 of the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 (contract nº 774094).

STARDUST started on October 2017, and will last five years. The STARDUST consortium is composed by 29 partners from 9 different countries: 7 cities, 4 research institutions, 6 SMEs and 13 industrial partners. The budget of the project is 21 M€, and the funding coming from the European Commission amounts to 18 M€.

The Spanish partners in this big project are, apart from the city of Pamplona and CENER as coordinator, the Government of Navarre, Nasuvinsa, Zabala Innovation Consulting, Jofemar, the Public University of Navarre, SICE and Naturgy.

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CENER takes part in the European project EXCESS, whose aim is to show that it is possible to transform nearly-zero energy buildings into positive energy buildings. This means that a building which is producing the majority of the renewable energy it uses itself, after refurbishment will be producing more energy than it actually needs.

EU-GUGLE: Smart Cities. FP7 

Coordinated by CENER, it is the most ambitious energy refurbishment project that currently exists in Europe. Its objective is the retrofitting of 6 districts in 6 European cities (Milan, Bratislava, Vienna, Tampere, Aachen and Sestao) towards the nearly zero energy building standard- NZEB.

Policies to ENforce the TRAnsition to Nearly Zero-Energy buildings in Europe-Intelligent Energy Europe

The objective of the ENTRANZE project is to actively support policy making by providing the required data, analysis and guidelines to achieve a fast and strong penetration of nZEB and RES-H/C within the existing national building stocks.

PAES – TOOL Project – Government of Navarre 

The objective of the project is to develop a simplified web support tool that will enable the design and management of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (PAES) in a municipality, above all, taking the small municipalities (less than 10,000 inhabitants) into account.

RENAISSANCE – Concerto Project of Zaragoza 

Construction of 900 bioclimatic flats in Valdespartera and energy and environmental rehabilitation of 600 flats in the neighbourhood of El Picarral. CENER has developed a methodology for bioclimatic rehabilitation. Led by Zaragoza City Council, the European partners are the councils of Lyon (FR) and Milan (IT).


Energy rehabilitation of 120 flats in the neighbourhood of Lourdes in Tudela (Navarra), including the installation of a district heating network fuelled by biomass, and the construction of 150 bioclimatic flats in the neighbourhood of Queiles, also in Tudela.


Construction of 900 bioclimatic houses in Valdespartera and the energy and environmental rehabilitation of 600 houses in the El Picarral district.

Saguaro (2005)/Rockwool International Project

The aim is to analyse the impact represented by the increase in insulation in new buildings, in energy saving terms, as well as the associated reductions of CO2. The study assesses the entire national territory, both on a local level and in large cities.

Design, construction and monitoring of a solar chimney (2004-2006)/ Ministry of Education and Science

The objective of this project is to obtain an optimised design of a solar chimney as a passive natural ventilation system applied to blocks of flats, aiming to achieve a modular prototype that will be easily adaptable to different types of buildings.

Singular Building Projects

Headquarters of the Andalusian Energy Agency in Seville. (2006 – 2009)/ Ownership: Andalusian Energy Agency

The team made up of Cesar Ruiz-Larrea, SAMA and CENER won the tender to construct the building for the new headquarters of the Andalusian Energy Agency in Seville.

Spain Pavilion for the International Exposition Water and Sustainable Development  / Ownership: State Incorporation for International Expositions – SEEI

The Mangado – CENER UTE (Temporary Joint Venture) won the tender to construct the Spain pavilion at the EXPO of Zaragoza 2008.


The strategic alliance formed by CENER Energy in Buildings Department and BIOMAH Architects & Energy Consultants has been established for developing projects in Mexico and Latin America, mainly in:

  • Advisory in strategies for energy saving and efficiency, integration of renewable energies in buildings and urban environments as well as sustainability criteria, through simulation and modelling of buildings perfomance.
  • Consultancy services in environmental certification of buildings under the LEED methodology.
  • Research and Development projects in bioclimatic constructive solutions, including developing of prototypes.

CENER and BIOMAH are already working on projects located in Mexico City and Leon (Guanajuato).

For details of this alliance you can visit the our stand D721 in EXPO CIHAC ® 2012 exhibition, to be held at the Banamex convention center in Mexico City from 16th to 20th of October.

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