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Test Laboratory for Parabolic Trough Receiver Tubes

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The Solution for the Accurate Characterization of Heliostat in Commercial Solar Towers

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High-Accuracy Real-Time Monitoring of Solar Radiation Attenuation

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Solar Collector Testing to the EN 12975 Standard

(PDF, 746 KB)

Solar Domestic Hot Water System Testing to the EN 12976 and ISO 9459-2/5 Standards

(PDF, 985 KB)

Characterization of Solar Radiation

(PDF, 818 KB)

Solar Radiation Measurement Stations. Station Audits and Quality Control of Recorded Data

 (PDF, 1056 KB)

LEHOS: Long Distance Heliostat Testing Facility at CENER

(PDF, 709 KB)

On Site Inspection of Parabolic Trough Receivers – ITR Inspection System –

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EASY: An Innovative Small Size Heliostat Concept for Substantial Cost Reduction

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SHORT: Scalable Heliostat Calibration System


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Collector Testing to the ISO 9806 / SRCC OG 100 Standard

(PDF, 1379 KB)

Optical Characterization of Collectors and Concentrating Systems

(PDF, 431 KB)

Calibration of Field Pyranometers by Comparison to a Reference Pyranometer

(PDF, 420 KB)

Optical and Thermal Characterization of Solar Receivers for Parabolic – Trough Collectors

(PDF, 400 KB)

Solar Store Testing to the EN 12977 Standard

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