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Characterization of low and medium temperature thermosolar collectors

The laboratory is an ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Entity) accredited laboratory to perform all the tests on thermal solar collectors foreseen in standard EN 12975-2 (Accreditation no. 355/LE 803), which are:

  • Liquid Heating Collector Thermal Yield Test
    • Efficiency curve test
    • Determination of the effective thermal capacity
    • Determination of time constant
    • Incidence angle modifier of the collectorDetermination of pressure drop

  • Liquid Heating Collector Durability and Reliability Tests
    • Internal pressure for absorbers
    • Resistance to high temperature
    • Extreme thermal shock
    • Internal thermal shock
    • Exposure
    • Rain penetration
    • Mechanical loads
    • Impact resistance
    • Stagnation temperature
    • Freezing resistance tests
    • Final inspection

Optical properties test on materials

  • Spectral hemispherical diffuse and total quasi-normal reflectance
  • Spectral hemispherical quasi-normal transmittance
  • Spectral hemispherical quasi-normal absorbance

Special tests and assessment of prototypes

  • Ultraviolet exposure tests
  • Saline mist tests
  • Ad-hoc tests for the energy performance assessment of special prototypes
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