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Blockchain technology is presented as one of the most disruptive technological revolutions of our time, and is called to change the way in which we develop our processes, being able to store unalterable and truthful records or events, without the need to intermediaries
GreenLedger is the innovative platform developed by CENER, which is based on blockchain technology, which is capable of supporting, advising and providing concrete solutions to the needs that exist in the renewable energy sector, in all its areas.
Currently, the services of this platform applied to a VGSPP (Virtual Generation and Storage Power Plant) are being developed and implemented through GreenLedger from CENER. GreenLedger therefore allows the different events (orders, transactions, etc.) of a virtual power generation and storage plant to be registered using blockchain technology, where its components may be located at very distant geographical points or may even belong to different companies. The blockchain system that we are developing uses information from two CENER infrastructures, such as the Atenea Microgrid and the Experimental Wind Farm, using IoT components integrated in GreenLedger.


CENER Blockchain Laboratory

As part of the center’s IT capabilities, CENER has launched a complete Blockchain laboratory where it can develop projects and proof of concept on any stage, in the main technologies: Hyperledger (fabric and sawtooth), Ethereum and Quorum. Further. CENER has had several Data Processing Centers (CPD) for years where physical and virtual servers are hosted that allow the deployment of an almost unlimited number of blockchain nodes.

We have developed our own project management methodology, based on obtaining minimally viable products (MVP), through iterations developed with agile methodologies that increase its functionality, and that allow to successfully implement complete solutions in any renewable area.


CENER is a member of Alastria, the largest blockchain consortium in Spain with international relevance. We host and operate our own Alastria node in our facilities.

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