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HyGrIn Lab – Innovation for Green Hydrogen is a multipurpose laboratory, which has state of-the-art equipment with which it is possible to carry out a comprehensive development of devices for the production and use of green hydrogen, both at high and low temperatures. It forms part of the infrastructures of CENER’s Hydrogen Area.

Located in the CENER facilities located in Sangüesa (Navarre-Spain) and with a total area of 300 m2, it contains the different unique areas:

  • Area of materials. Area dedicated to the preparation, optimization and processing of functional materials for hydrogen technologies. It includes equipment for the preparation and homogenization of inks, tablet pressing, laminate spreading, drying and sintering at high temperature. At the level of structural and mechanical characterization, the main equipment in the area is: viscometer, optical microscope, scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer, profilometer and particle size analyzer.
  • Climbing area. Manufacture at the pilot plant level of devices for the production and use of hydrogen (e.g. cells and stacks for electrolysers and/or fuel cells). It includes a roll-to-roll tape casting equipment for the preparation of scale laminates, as well as a screen printing equipment. Likewise, it houses all the additional equipment for the manufacture of cells and their stacking.
  • Electrochemical testing area. Area focused on the electrochemical characterization of cells and stacks for green hydrogen production and use applications. It includes multi-scale measurement stations, highlighting the testing capacity from small cells at the laboratory level (from the order of mW to a few W), through full-scale cells (sizes up to 10×10 cm2), up to prototype-level stacks. industrial up to 10 kW.

This hydrogen laboratory has been financed by:

(*Included the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Government of Spain) and by the Department of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation (Government of Navarra)).

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