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Assesment of performance, environmental, health and safety aspects of First Solar´s CdTe PV technology

  • Client: First Solar Inc.
  • Report number: 30.2945.0-01
  • Project authors: Dr. Christian Hagendorf (Gruop Manager Diagnostics of Solar Cells), Dr. Matthias Ebert (Manager Reliability of Solar Modules and Systems) Responsible for Quality management and field performance section, Dr. Marco Raugei (Senior Research Fellow) Responsible for Life cycle impacts of the large-scale deployment of the CdTe technology and comparision with other technologies section. Dr. Daniel Lincot (Senior Researcher) Responsible for First Solar´s CdTe technology and cost roadmaps and hot and humid and Performance under specific conditions sections. Dr. Jaione Bengoechea (Senior Researcher). Dr. María Jesús Rodríguez (Head of Solar Cells Laboratory) Responsible for Environmental, health, and safety aspects of First Solar´s CdTe technology section). Proyect coordinated and approved by Dr. Ana Rosa Lagunas (Photovoltaic Department Director).
  • Project dates: Start date: April 2016. End date: January 2017.

Full Report: 30.2945.0-01 FirstSolar_EUReviewReport (pdf. 11MB)

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