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Mr. Mikel Irujo
Minister of Industry and Ecological and Digital Transition (Government of Navarra)


Mrs. Raquel Yotti Álvarez
General Secretary for Research (Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation).


Mr. Miguel Pérez 
General Technical Secretary at the Department of Economic Development and Business  (Government of Navarre).


Mrs. Sara Aagesen 
Secretary of State for Energy (Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge).

Mr. Juan Cruz Cigudosa 
Regional Minister for Innovation, University and Digital Transformation (Goverment of Navarre).

Mr. Carlos Alejaldre 
General  Director of  CIEMAT (Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation).

Mr. Francisco Javier Arregui 
Vice Chancellor for Research (Public Unversity of Navarre).

Mrs. Mercedes Ballesteros 
Director of the Energy Division of CIEMAT (Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation).

Mrs. Uxue Itoiz
General Director of Energy Transition, Strategic Projects and S4 (Goverment of Navarre).

Mrs. Agurtzane Martínez 
General Director of Innovation (Goverment of Navarre).

Mrs. Ana Burusco
General Director of University (Goverment of Navarre).

Mr. Gonzalo Arévalo 
Director General of Research Planning (Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation).

Mr. José Ignacio Doncel 
General Deputy Director of Large Scientific-Technical Facilities. (Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation).

Mrs. Estibaliz Erauzquin 
General Manager (Naitec).

Mr. Martín Ibarra 
Director of the Energy Transition Service (Goverment of Navarre).

Mrs. Laura Larraya 
Director of the Industrial Planning Service, Energy Infrastructures and Mines (Goverment of Navarre).

Mrs. Margarita Vila 
Deputy Director General of Institutional Relations and Knowledge Transfer of CIEMAT (Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation).








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