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In this section the user can find a selection of photographs of the facilities and equipment of the National Renewable Energy Centre.

You can download and use the images free of charge, so long as the following conditions are respected:

  • The images will always be accompanied by the express indication of their source or origin, including the word “CENER” next to each photograph or the sentence “Photos loaned by CENER” in a visible place.
  • This authorisation is granted for information purposes. It is forbidden to copy images for distribution or commercial use without the express authorisation from “CENER”.
  • The NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTRE-CENER reserves the right to withdraw the authorisation to reproduce this graphic material when it considers that the requirements established are not being met or that the use made is improper or conflicting with the company.
  • CENER declines any responsibility over the use that the user may make of the images presented herein.


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