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Design, development and technical feasibility demonstration of an energy storage and thermo-converter solution

April 2021 – March 2023


The overall objective of this R&D project is to develop an energy storage system that enables de-carbonization and facilitates the energy transition of the industrial sector towards an emission-free and environmentally friendly model. The main technical objective of the project is to develop a “thermal battery” and demonstrate its technical and economic feasibility.


  • CENER participates with GREENDUR in several of the activities of WP1: Thermodynamic design of the equipment and WP2: Detailed constructive design: A1.2.Modeling of the thermal battery and analysis of energy balances, calculations and simulation, A1.4.Study of behavior under charge and discharge cycles, A1.5.Analysis of thermal losses in the storage system and A2.1.Dimensioning of elements.
  • Responsible for all WP3 activities: Optimization and definition of operation modes of the complete solution in a typical industrial plant: A3.1.Modeling of the complete solution, A3.2. Analysis of the complete solution in a typical industry and optimization of the whole, A3.3.Optimization of the energy management and definition of modes of operation.
  • Relevant role in several WP5 activities: Testing, upgrades and certification: A5.2- Testing at CENER, A5.3- Testing in relevant industrial environment, A5.4- Upgrades, A5.5- Certification.


  • Total: 692.762,76€
  • CENER: 235.986,89€
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