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MOdular high concentration SolAr Configuration (Mosaic)

December 2016 – November 2020


Design, manufacturing and validation in a “relevant environment” of an innovative CSP concept based on a fixed hemispheric semi-Fresnel solar field and a high temperature mobile receiver with low implementation and O&M costs at the highest plant efficiencies, thus reducing the LCOE.



  • Technical coordinator of the project.
  • Participates in collaboration with the rest of the partners in different tasks, such as: the conceptual design of the prototype; the design, assembly and verification of the optical quality of the solar field and the risk management of the project, as well as in the operation and performance of the prototype validation tests.
  • Conceptual design at the plant level by defining the CSP plant to achieve that, by using modules based on the MOSAIC modular concept, current electricity generation costs for said technology are reduced.

Prototype of the MOSAIC H2020 project being built at the CENER facilities in Sangüesa (Navarra-Spain)

Assembly of the mirrors manufactured by Rioglass Solar to the auxiliary frames for the solar field of the MOSAIC prototype


Total: 5.077.733,75 €

CENER´s: 1.196.500,00 €

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