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Renewable Energy based seasonal Storage Technology in Order to Raise Economic and Environmental sustainability of DHC (RESTORE)

October 2021 – September 2025


The main objective is developing a technical solution able to overcome the current technological barriers that limit the penetration of RES in the DHC sector.

The solution is based on the combined use of two disruptive technologies: a thermochemical energy storage for seasonal storage of energy and ORC/HP technology for maximize the integration of RES. This solution allows to significantly increase the RES share and the reuse of energy waste from industry in DHC networks improving their competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

RESTORE, also promotes the involvement of stakeholder, consumers and industries and is aligned with the targets of the EU strategy for Heating and Cooling and the EU’s climate and energy goals.

RESTORE project in a nutshell


Project management and coordination (WP8).

Responsible of WP1 requirements definition and responsible for the concept specifications definition (WP1).

Strong contribution in modelling and simulation, in special, in WP5 (EU-wide replication in virtual representations or real use-cases).


Total: 5.667.736,25 €

CENER: 861.617,50 €

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