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Green Building Challenge

The headquarters of the National Renewable Energy Centre was acknowledged in October 2006 as one of the best buildings presented during the International Conference on Sustainable Building, held in Tokyo. This acknowledgement was also received by another 3 buildings that were selected by the Green Building Challenge Spain.

To grant this reward, both energy and environmental aspects were taken into account, as well as aspects related to the architectonic quality of the buildings.

The members of the jury included prestigious architects such as Richard Rogers and Jayme Lerner, who highlighted the buildings presented by Spain and especially the CENER building, ahead of those presented by other finalist countries of the contest: Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea.

As a prior state to the Japanese Fair, the CENER headquarters were elected by a committee of experts from the Ministry of Housing and the Higher Council of Association of Architects of Spain in December 2003 as one of the four buildings to represent Spain at this show.

The buildings selected were assessed by the Taskforce with the programme, VERDE, CASBEE and GBTOOL.


Green building challenge


The CENER building received the CONSTRUMAT 2005 Award to Building, during an act held in Barcelona. The jury, chaired by the well-known architect Carmen Pinós, also included Marçal Roig I Espígul and Joan Gallostra I Isern, who decided to grant the Award to the CENER headquarters “Because of its brilliant demonstration of the feasibility of integrating sustainable energy solutions into a building with a high architectonic and constructive quality, making the most of the natural conditions of the surrounding area in order to condition the inner spaces, and where the different innovative technological elements fit in perfectly, resulting in a harmonious, functional and very representative building”.

Awards were also presented to HM Compañia General de Construction SA as the construction company of the building and to the technical team: César Ruiz-Larrea, Luis Miguel Suárez Inclán, Antonio Gomez; Architects: José Luis Sola, Arturo Pérez; Technical Architects: Gycsa-Coimar; Consultant engineers: Otep Internacional SA



Premio Construmat 2005

I Region of Murcia Energy Award 2004

The National Renewable Energy Centre-CENER was presented with the I Region of Murcia Energy Award in the section “Research into the field of Renewable Energies”.

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