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The aim of the CENER Wind Energy Department is to develop applied research activities and provide technical advice in the wind energy field, offering services to all the players in the sector, such as: promoters, manufacturers, financial entities, operators, public administrations and associations, both at home and abroad.

In short, the aim is to improve the efficiency and therefore the competitiveness of an ever-changing sector. In this regard, the CENER Wind Energy Department works in different research projects, both on its own initiative and in collaboration with technology centres, institutions and enterprises.

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Other videos on wind energy development:

Below are the three videos with which CENER participated in the #WindForPlanet campaign organized by the Wind Business Association on the occasion of the Climate Summit (COP 25) in Madrid.

(English) Irene Eguinoa, Senior researcher, explains that CENER develops novel technologies to face the upcoming challenges in the energy sector.  VIDEO

Antonio Ugarte, director del Departamento de Energía Eólica explica la contribución de los centros tecnológicos en el desarrollo de la eólica, contribuyendo así a lograr vivir en un planeta más sostenible. VÍDEO

Mikel Iribas, jefe del Servicio de Análisis y Diseño de Aerogeneradores, comenta cómo CENER colabora con los fabricantes, promotores, y diseñadores de grandes componentes como palas, torres o plataformas flotantes, a llevar a mercado sus productos de forma exitosa. VÍDEO

Wind Energy Brochure

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Antonio Ugarte
Director of the Wind Energy Department

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