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The main objective of the ADA service of the CENER Wind Energy Dept. is focused on advanced design techniques for the development of wind turbine components.


Proprietary analytical applications and advanced simulation tools are combined in order to obtain optimised designs. Our quality integrated design procedures always take into account the peculiarities of the manufacturing processes and the certification limits.

CENER has a highly qualified team, which works in multidisciplinary commercial or research projects, carrying out activities in our 4 main areas of expertise:

  • Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity.
  • Structural design of components.
  • Control algorithms and implementable controllers.
  • Characterisation of compound materials and manufacturing processes, supported by a fully-equipped laboratory.

The multidisciplinary team of CENER operates in different areas of knowledge, generating an interesting background of research and experimental activities.

  • Code development for offshore platforms, dynamic cables and mooring lines.
  • Blade design:
    • Aeroelasticity and structural calculations.
    • Aerodynamics: Aerofoils, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulations and wind tunnel tests.
  • Stress optimisation of structural components.
  • Advanced control techniques
  • Composite materials customized courses:
    • General concepts: reinforcement and matrix types, reinforcement – matrix interactions…
    • Manufacturing processes: concepts, pros & cons, cost…
      • Simulation tools and softwares
      • Example: wind turbine blade manufacturing
    • Training in the composite materials laboratory: manufacturing processes
      • Different fabrics, tapes, fibres, consumables, resins…
      • Manufacturing of simple components: VARTM, Prepreg consolidation…
    • Mechanical and physical – chemical characterization tests:
      • Monolithic laminates
      • Sandwich structures
      • Adhesives
      • Coatings
      • Raw materials and semi-finished products
      • NDT: non destructive testing
      • Training in the composite materials laboratory: test equipments, rigs, fixtures
    • Mechanics of composite materials:
      • Lamina and laminate structural response: stiffness matrices, stress-strain behavior, laminate configurations…
      • Lamina based biaxial failure criteria
      • Laminate based failure criteria: de-laminations, 3D analysis…
      • Training: structural design & calculation of a composite component

The manner in which projects are organised and the accumulated experience in this unit allow for a close collaboration with industry in different ways, which may range from basic design assessment to a complete turnkey project.


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