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The Wind Turbine Test laboratory (LEA) is an infrastructure engaged in performing tests and trials on wind turbines, ranging from tests on components to tests on complete wind turbines, according to international standards. It also complements the research work of the National Renewable Energy Centre, in the field of wind energy.

These are international benchmark facilities that occupy a total surface area of 30,000 m2 and are located in Sangüesa (Navarre-Spain). The laboratory was set up thanks to a collaboration agreement signed originally between CENER, the Regional Government of Navarra, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and CIEMAT, institutions that form part of the Board of Trustees.

A unique infrastructure in the world both in terms of size and the power of the machinery it is capable of testing, as well as in terms of the extensive variety of technological services it offers. The team that manages and operates these laboratories is comprised of engineers and technicians with broad experience in the wind energy sector.

The LEA incorporates five cutting-edge test laboratories, including: Blade Test Laboratory, Powertrain Test Laboratory (encompassing the Powertrain Test Bench, Generator Test Bench, Nacelle Test Bench and Nacelle Assembly Bench), Composite Materials and Processes Laboratory, Wind Turbine Field Tests and an Experimental Wind Farm (Sierra de Alaiz)

Blade Test laboratory

Its aim is to perform structural tests on blades in agreement with the IEC TS-61400-23 Standard…Moreic_mas


Composite Materials and Process laboratory

Used to evaluate the feasibility of new designs, optimise the manufacturing process for composite material components …Moreic_mas

Powertrain Test Laboratories and Electrical Testing

Designed and constructed to test the powertrain and optionally the electric equipment… Moreic_mas

Experimental Wind Farm

In addition to the test services offered at the LEA, CENER has an experimental…Moreic_mas


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Composite Material and Manufacturing Process Laboratory


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