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In addition to the test services offered at the LEA, CENER has an experimental wind farm to install prototypes and it is suitable for certification tests in complex terrain conditions and with high wind levels.

It has 6 calibrated positions to install prototypes of machines of up 5 MW each, and 4 additional meteorological towers, 120 metres high.

The farm has been provided with continuous operational measurement equipment, offices for customers and meeting rooms. It has been meticulously studied, characterized and analysed to offer the best conditions for prototype.

Technical data sheet

Wind turbines:

  • 6 positions of up to 5 MW, class I and IIA.
  • 280 m separation.

Electrical evacuation:

  • Sub-station: 20 kV/66 kV


  • Calibrated sites.
  • 5 sensorised masts at different heights, from 40 m to 120 m.

Technological services

Verification of response to voltage dips.


  • Control optimisation.
  • Design validation.
  • Design tool optimization.
  • Design and execution of customided structural and aerodynamic tests

Co-financed infraestructure by:


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