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De izda a dcha: Consejero Roig, Consejera Salanueva, y DG de CENER The Regional Ministers of Innovation, Enterprise and Employment, and of Local Admin. and Housing of the Government of Navarra, as well as the Director General of CENER have taken part in the media presentation. Architects of international renown, such as Thomas Herzog, Ken Yeang, Matthias Schuler (who participate in the Masdar project) or Iñaki Ábalos, among others, will also take part as speakers. Building projects and experiences that take into account criteria on the management of energy, water, materials as well as social aspects, will be put forward.

Demanding cities with low emissions is one of the objectives of this year’s International Congress on Architecture, City and Energy-CIBARQ, with the motto “Low Carbon Cities”. Organised by the Department of Energy in Buildings of the National Renewable Energy Centre-CENER, it will take place on 21 and 22 October at Baluarte, Congress Centre and Auditorium, Pamplona.

The presentation of the Congress took place at midday today at a press conference attended by the Regional Minister of Innovation, Enterprise and Employment of the Government of Navarra, Jose Mª Roig, by the Regional Minister of Local Admin. and Housing, Amelia Salanueva and by the Director General of CENER, Jose Javier Armendáriz.

The aim of CIBARA 2010 is to create a forum for debate among speakers and congress participants about a reality, and the fact is that to drastically reduce the global energy consumption and therefore reduce CO2 emissions, it is absolutely essential to develop energy initiatives and projects in the cities.

Thus, CIBARQ 2010 proposes looking for solutions in the actual city, from the inside, transforming it and seeking an increase of its energy efficiency as a driving force for change. Emblematic examples of buildings with high energy efficiency, passive and zero energy buildings will be shown, as well as large-scale renewable energy integration projects and the most advanced technological solutions to achieve buildings and cities with very low emissions.

This is the fourth CIBARQ congress to be held and continuing with tradition, the most outstanding international architects, engineers and professionals in these fields have been invited to participate. They will provide their experiences to make CIBARQ 2010 a highly-specialised congress, with papers on specific themes and with a very practical outlook. Speakers of the prestige of Ken Yeang, Thomas Herzog or Matthias Schuler have already confirmed their attendance. The eminently technical and applied nature of CIBARQ 2010 guarantees that the participants in the Congress will receive practical experiences and knowledge, and not just opinions.

Competition of Experiences and Projects

The III CIBARQ Exhibition of Experiences and Projects may be visited during the congress. . This exhibition will be located in the hall of the Baluarte Congress Centre. Here the most relevant projects that have been presented to Competition will be exhibited. Approximately 70 international projects have been presented, all of them very relevant in questions related to the management of energy, water, materials and also from the social viewpoint. After a selection process, 40 of those projects will be exhibited during CIBARQ in the hall of Baluarte and of these, the 10 that have been selected by the scientific committee as the most interesting, will be presented by the authors. CIBARQ 2010 is sponsored by: Government of Navarra, Rockwool,Construcciones Abaigar, and Philips as well as the collaborating institutions: The European Commission (Sustainable Energy Europe),Pamplona City Council, and the magazines Construible, Habitat Futuraand Ecoconstrucción. The advance programme as well as the latest novelties about the organisation of the event can be consulted on the congress and on the social networks: Facebook, Linkedin andTwitter.


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