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The facility is located on the premises of the Wind Turbine Test Laboratory (LEA) of CENER, in the industrial estate of Rocaforte de Sangüesa (Navarra) and it has been developed by the Grid Integration, Electrical Storage and Hydrogen Department.

This is a microgrid for industrial application, designed in principle to supply part of the electrical loads of the specific facilities of the LEA as well as part of the public lighting of the industrial estate. It has AC type architecture; that is, all the elements are connected to the same AC bus for the mutual exchange of energy. This AC bus is connected to the electrical grid at one single point, which permits interaction with it. AC electricity distribution is carried out within the microgrid.

The main objectives are:

  • Manage the power generated at any given moment so that the energy supply to the assigned loads is always guaranteed.
  • Ensure that the power consumed by the loads comes, whenever possible, from renewable sources, thus fostering the energy independence of the LEA.
  • Protect the existing facilities from faults both from the electrical grid and from the microgrid.
  • Be able to send the energy surplus produced to the electrical grid, so that the microgrid does not operate isolated from the distribution grid but as an active part of it.
  • Act as a test bench for new equipment, generation systems, energy storage and control strategies, as well as microgrid protection.

Technical Data Sheet

  • 25 kWp photovoltaic installation.
  • Full-converter type 20 kW nominal power wind turbine.
  • 55 kVA nominal power diesel-driven generating set.
  • Lead acid gel technology battery bank, able to supply 50 kW uninterruptedly for 2 hours [BAE].
  • 120 kVA three-phase loads bank.
  • Vanadium Flow Battery with capacity to provide 50 kW for approximately 4 hours.
  • All of them include the connection, control and ancillary equipment).

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CENER Microgrid video

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