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CENER generates technology by executing R&D projects, it provides services and technical assistance to companies, organisations as well as to public and private institutions, it prepares technical and economic feasibility studies and reports in the six areas of activity linked to the development of renewable energies


Wind Energy

Design, certification and assessment of the wind resource are the three fields of action of this area, which, together with its infrastructures, is an international reference.More informationic_mas



The work of this department involves assessing resources, energy crops, biofuels as well as their thermal and electrical applications.More informationic_mas



Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Work in this department focuses on photovoltaic cells and systems, and research is orientated towards improving efficiency and reducing costs.More informationic_mas

Energy Transition in Cities

Energy efficiency and saving strategies, bioclimatic systems and solutions, or the integration of renewables are some of its proposals.More informationic_mas



Solar Thermal & Thermal Energy Storage

The challenge faced by this department is to maximise the development of thermosolar technologies and to help introduce them into the market.More informationic_mas


Grid Integration, Electrical Storage and Hydrogen

The work carried out in this area is related to the other areas and is concerned with high voltage networks, the integration and accumulation of energy.More informationic_mas

Some of the projects of R&D and CENER’s investments are financed jointly by the European Fund of Regional Development to a rate of 50 % across the Operative Program FEDER 2007-2013 of Navarre.

“CENER has received financial support in the period of 2017-18 in the framework “Europa Redes y Gestores – Europa Centros Tecnológicos 2017” of the State Secretariat of Investigation , Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, in order to realize strategic actions in Europe and strengthen the participation of the Centre in European projects.”

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