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Partners of the European AMBITION project meet at CENER


AMBITION participants at CENER

The National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) located in Sarriguren (Navarre) hosted last 3rd and 4th May a workshop engaging AMBITION (Advanced biofuel production with energy system integration) European project partners. 18 experts on biomass to biofuels conversion by thermochemical and biochemical routes, from 8 European countries attended this project follow-up meeting.

AMBITION project aims at defining and starting to execute a “European Common Research and Innovation Agenda” (ECRIA). This ECRIA will be based on three key pillars of next generation liquid biofuels production: biomass pretreatment and fractionation, gasification and syngas fermentation. Besides, it will analyze subsequent energy systems integration to improve overall efficiencies, with special emphasis on grid electricity and biofuels. This project is funded by the European Union Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Program* (Agreement No: 731263).

The workshop, organized in CENER headquarters by Biomass Department staff, was focused on biomass gasification and the subsequent gas cleaning, syngas fermentation, and energy integration of these processes. Attendees also visited CENER’s Second Generation Biofuels Centre (CB2G) located in Aoiz (Navarre), where all these processes are implemented on a semi-industrial scale.

The project, coordinated by SINTEF (Norway), is formed by a consortium involving seven European partners mainly from research and academia: ECN (Netherlands), ASTON (United Kingdom), LNEG (Portugal), DTU (Denmark), KIT (Germany), ENEA (Italy) and CENER (Spain).

AMBITION was launched on 1st December 2016 and will be running for 36 months. The specific achievements of the project during this period will be fitting or integrated in existing biofuel production schemes, in order to develop more efficient, environmentally friendly and economically competitive processes.

(*Program H2020: LCE-33-2016-2017. European Common Research and Innovation Agendas (ECRIAs) in support of the implementation of the SET Action Plan. Grant Agreement number: 731263).

 About CENER

The National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) develops applied research in renewable energies and provides technological support to companies and energy institutions at international level, in six areas of work: wind, solar thermal, biomass, solar photovoltaic, energy in buildings and energy grid integration.

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