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Energy Control System

The world as a whole faces new and momentous climate and energy challenges. For this, there is no single way to follow, but there are many actors and factors that will contribute to that required transformation.

One of these factors is the massive inclusion of EERR in the global energy system and its consequent decarbonization. This implies a disruptive step not only in generation technologies but also in energy management and storage.

In addition to its technological contribution in the areas of wind generation, solar thermal, photovoltaic solar and biomass, CENER develops from advanced control programs for wind turbines, strings of photovoltaic modules and heliostats, to EMS (Energy Management System) for energy management of large plants, including hybridization of any type of generation and storage.

CENER offers control systems that allow the optimization of the joint operation of several energy generation and storage systems, either as a single plant or as a virtual power plant made up of several physical plants, also contributing to the improvement of the operation and maintenance of plants as well as the lengthening of their life and their components.

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