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New web platform for consulting the wind resource oh te Iberian Peninsula

  • It has been developed by CENER from the data obtained in the European project NEWA.

Sarriguren (Navarre) 15th December 2020.- Researchers from CENER (the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain) have developed an online platform in which wind resource data of the Iberian Peninsula can be consulted at a mesoscale and microscale levels. The web address (which is also accessible from the main page of CENER’s website), is: (

In the event that the user is interested in a specific product, the web platform allows the user to download, in seconds, time series of wind, temperature, air density and pressure, for a period of 10 years (2009-2018), with hourly frequency and a resolution of 3 km x 3 km. Along with the time series data, the user will receive a descriptive report of the meteorology at the selected point and georeferenced microscale maps of multiple meteorological variables, for the area of interest.

The entire time series downloading process has been optimised by CENER’s researchers, to generate the results immediately and without the need for external visualisation tools.

The idea of creating this web platform came up as the best option to share the results obtained in the European project ERA-Net Plus New European Wind Atlas (NEWA), which generated the new European wind atlas, improving the accessibility for energy companies and institutions to which this data can provide an important source of information.

Direct access to the platform: from the home page of CENER’s website:

 The NEWA project

This European research Project was coordinated by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) at a general level, while CENER was the Spanish coordinator. The project had the participation of 30 partners, including companies as well as technology, research centres and universities, from 8 European countries.

Its main achievement was the generation of a high-resolution European wind map, using state-of-the-art methodologies.. During its development, several experimental campaigns were carried out to validate the results of the simulations performed. One of these was coordinated by CENER and took place in the area between the Aláiz and Tajonar mountain ranges (in Navarre), as well as CENER’s experimental wind farm.

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