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The GERA project, a comprehensive technology solution for the management of stored renewable energies

• In this R&D project coordinated by Enerclúster, 8 companies and entities have also participated.

Pamplona, ​​April 8, 2021.-After more than two years of work, the GERA project has ended, whose main objective was to achieve a comprehensive solution that allows advanced technologies for the management, through storage, of renewable energy generated and its subsequent distribution on the network. The development of this strategic R&D project has been coordinated by Enerclúster, the Navarra Energy Cluster, and a consortium of companies and entities has also participated in it: Acciona Energía, Nordex, Beeplanet Factory, CENER (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables), NAITEC, IED Electronics, Ingeteam and the Public University of Navarra.
The project was developed in four work scales: components and batteries for storage; local system (a power generating unit with its storage equipment); grouped system (several power generation and accumulation plants) and the commercialization of alternative energy to the current system using a blockchain platform for the certification of the origin of energy and the promotion of smart contracts in the sale of energy.
Interesting results have been achieved within the project. CENER has worked on a complete wind farm model that includes storage for the optimization of operations both at the park level and its integration into the network. In addition, Ingeteam has carried out a comprehensive simulation model of a wind power plant with storage, which makes it possible to analyze and implement comprehensive management systems to improve the dynamic response of wind power exploitation through new types of communication.
For its part, the Beeplanet Factory company has developed different storage systems from second-life batteries from electric cars, ranging from 4 kWh for the smallest to 120 kWh for the largest.
The UPNA has carried out the characterization, aging analysis and experimental validation of the second-life batteries to know their real state once they have been removed from the electric vehicle, as well as their operation under different operating conditions. For its part, NAITEC has developed a battery management system or BMS, hardware and software, for two prototypes of 12 and 14 cells, taking into account the final application and its regulations.


In the context of the GERA project, CENER has created a virtual plant to manage different generation and storage technologies at different sites. The platform optimizes the joint response of teams to achieve technical, economic and environmental objectives. As part of the project, a complete blockchain has been developed, capable of recording all energy orders and transactions that occur in that virtual plant. The system, called GreenLedger, is a highly innovative, pioneering and secure end-to-end development, ranging from the acquisition of physical data with IoT devices to the visualization of information.
Ingeteam has supported the development of energy traceability by preparing an architecture with an intermediate gateway. IED Electronics has participated in the communication electronics between the energy consumer or generator element and for its part Acciona Energía has developed an interface to register assets, organizations, users and instructions that includes the carbon footprint of each of the points of consumption of clients and information on corporate social responsibility.

The GERA project has been developed between 2018 and 2020 and has had a budget of 4.7 million euros, of which 1.8 million euros came from a grant obtained in the 2018 call for Strategic R&D Projects of the Government of Navarra. More information: 

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