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New CENER´s Solar Flash Simulator

It is a Sun Simulator designed by a Swiss manufacturer, which provides added capabilities to the one currently running in CENER for the characterization and measurement of photovoltaic modules, but with new features required by the latest generation technologies. The main specifications of this NEW equipment are:

  • Highest ratings (class A+ A+ A+) for all the characteristic parameters of sun simulators (spatial uniformity, temporal stability and spectrum), which allows obtaining more precise measurements.
  • Spectral distribution (A+) coverage greater than 98% with respect to the reference established in the standard for measuring the maximum power of photovoltaic devices.
  • Capacity to measure new module sizes. Active illumination area up to 2.4 m x 1.2 m.
  • 200 ms light pulse which avoids the influence of capacitive effects and allows the measurement of latest generation modules in a single flash.
  • LED technology designed to program different spectral distributions and therefore be able to study the spectral responses of the most modern PV cell technologies at module scale.
  • Built-in thermal chamber, to measure the temperature coefficients of the PV modules automatically and in a very short period of time.

In short, this new sun simulator is at the service of any agent in the PV solar energy value chain, offering the possibility of measuring and characterizing the most modern technologies in a very precise and efficient way.


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