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The deadline for companies, startups and institutions to submit proposals for funding to test innovative energy solutions before bringing them to market is March 20. 

The practical challenges posed by this call, which ends on March 20, are demand-driven ventilation management, efficient and secure bicycle storage, tools to support co-creation and management of energy communities, innovative energy solutions for energy generation, regeneration and storage, innovative and cost-effective user interfaces for remote management and maintenance systems for building energy systems, BIM from scanning to construction, neighbourhood education infrastructure and DC-powered heat pumps.

Applicants may apply alone, as a single entity or as a Pilot Group consisting of two or more organisations, in which case they will appoint a Lead Applicant.

oPEN Lab is a European project financed with European funds from the Horizon 2020 programme, which aims to identify replicable and commercially viable packages of solutions for the procurement and distribution of clean energy. In this way, it enables energy-positive neighbourhoods to be achieved. The oPEN Lab Open Call intends to involve innovators based in Europe that are eager to contribute to the development of Positive Energy Neighbourhoods in one or more of the cities participating in the European oPEN Lab project, i.e. Pamplona (Spain), Genk (Belgium) and Tartu (Estonia). The consortiums in each of these cities have proposed several technological challenges, for which the call for SMEs, start-ups, large enterprises, research institutes, governments and associations representing citizens has been opened.

The terms and conditions of the call are available on the website of the European Open Lab Project (

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