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New online CENER’s tool for the design of an offshore wind farm: resource, wakes and production

The wind sector is undergoing a digital transformation that enables new ways of planning, managing, and operating onshore and offshore wind farms. For offshore wind, the Wind Energy department of CENER (National Center for Renewable Energies) has developed new capabilities for designing and modelling of any wind turbine, which can be used to create models of upcoming innovative wind turbines, coupled with all types of floating substructures.

With CENER’s online tool, you can learn the basic concepts of an offshore wind farm and how its design parameters affect the performance of each turbine and the whole farm. For example, you can calculate the yearly energy output or the impact of the wakes on the turbines and power production. You can choose from 5 coastal locations in the Iberian Peninsula (Galicia, Viana Do Castelo (Portugal), Bizkaia, Girona and Mar de Alborán). The tool offers different wind farm design options based on the number, size and spacing of the wind turbines. This online tool is open to anyone interested in wind energy; although it is a simplified version of the technology currently under development. Access:

Besides this online tool for offshore wind farm energy production, you can also access the map of Iberian wind resource, which is more suitable for developing onshore wind farms. You can find it on the CENER website at this link:


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