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  • Collaboration Agreement with BLAEST (Danish Wind Turbine Test Centre) with a view to receiving training and advice when activities at the Blade Test Plant start up, especially insofar as the supervision of tests is concerned for the accreditation of the LEA – Wind Institute according to standard IEC 61400-23.
  • Collaboration Agreement with the University of Liverpool for the joint development of a specific CFD analysis tool for wind turbines.
  • Collaboration Agreement with Professor Ioan-Doré Landau of the University of Grenoble (France) to develop closed-loop identification techniques for models designed to control wind turbines.
  • Agreement with the National Meteorology Institute in order to develop prediction activities in the field of wind energy (pluriannual)
  • Agreement with DNV for the certification of wind turbines types according to IEC standards (pluriannual).
  • Framework Agreement between CENER and the Higher Council of Associations of Architects of Spain (pluriannual) to boost actions aimed at fostering bioclimatic architecture in Spain.



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