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  • Assessment of the biomass potential in an area.
  • Logistic analysis of biomass supply.
  • Development of energy crops for biofuel production.
  • Sustainability studies.


Significant projects:

BIOTRADE2020+ project

“Contributing to a European market of sustainable bioenergy strategy”

The main objective of this project, in which biomass CENER Department acts as a coordinator, is to analyze the sustainable solid lignocellulosic biomass supply and some of their major bioenergy vectors from regions worldwide with a great export potential (Canada, Latin America, Asia, Russia, etc.) to the the European Union countries. This analysis includes a technical assessment of its feasibility, costs and sustainability issues with the idea of achieving a stable market which allows the development of the European bio-economy beyond 2020.



Techno-economical assessment of the production and use of biofuels for heating and cooling applications in South Europe (PDF, 2.249 KB).

Best Result

Training in the application of renewable energy sources in energy systems for construction (PDF, 2.258 KB).


Aumento del uso de leña mejorando la calidad del combustible así como reduciendo las emisiones de combustión.

ENERMASS Project (2012-2014)

Project which objective is the creation of a transnational innovation cluster for biomass valorization into energy, in order to tackle the lack of an entrepreneurial coordination structure on energetic valorization of biomass at SUDOE level (France-Spain-Portugal).

Proyecto BIOCLUS (2009-2012)

This project is focused on the promotion of R&D&i for a sustainable use of biomass resources, both forest and herbaceous, and aims at boosting the regional competitiveness and growth in five European cluster regions: Central Finland, Wielkopolska (Poland), Western Macedonia (Greece), Slovakia and Navarre.

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