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CENER is one of the members of the H2020 Infrastructures access BRISK-2: Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge.

Funded by European Horizon 2020, BRISK2 aims to improve the success of biofuels implementation by:

  • Helping to consolidate bioenergy expertise & knowledge
  • Provide opportunities for international collaboration
  • Foster a culture of co-operation
  • Lead to new bioenergy research activities across Europe

BRISK2 launched in 2017 and follows in the footsteps of BRISK, which originally ran from 2011 until its completion in 2015, funding numerous research visits across Europe. BRISK was focused on thermal conversion research projects. BRISK2 has a broader scope and welcomes applications from any researcher or team of researchers working in biofuel.

As member of BRISK II, CENER makes available its Biorefinery Demo Plant. The facility includes several Process Development Units as Pre-treatment, Torrefaction, Gasification and Biochemical processes units. These units include flexibility to handle a wide range of feedstocks, ability to incorporate and test equipment from partners or third-parties into whole conversion processes and changing configurations and flexible scaling-up.

In particular CENER´s equipment available includes:

  • Pelleting pilot plant (PEL)
  • Torrecfaction pilot plant (TOR)
  • Gasification unit: Atmospheric bubbling fluidized bed reactor (GAS)
  • Prototype pilot plant for biochemical conversion of biomass and new biogenic feedstocks (PPB)
  • Pilot plant for biochemical processes development (PBP)

More information:

FAQs about transnational access application at CENER’s facilities (BRISK2 project).

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