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The TEC department collaborates on a regular basis with industry, in the design, development and optimisation of new solutions and constructive systems, as the manufacturers perceive that the improvement of the energy efficiency of their products and their environmental behaviour is being taken into account more and more.

CENER gives advice on how to improve energy efficiency, how to optimise the design of their products depending on the different climate zones, or else how to optimise the thermal response of the solutions, avoiding thermal bridges.

The experience that CENER has consolidated in the development of R&D projects in cooperation with industrial clients on advance constructive solutions includes:

  • The optimised design of ventilated façades.
  • Thermo-active façades.
  • The prefabrication of roofs and other purely bioclimatic façade elements, such as greenhouses or solar chimneys.

The scope of CENER’s work in this field ranges from the conceptual design of solutions (aimed at their energy behaviour) and the optimisation of these solutions by energy simulation, to tests on prototypes.

Some examples of these collaborations are the design of the ceramic pillars of the Spain Pavilion at the International Exposition of Zaragoza 2008 (2009 National Architecture Award), or the energy façade of the headquarters of the Andalusian Energy Agency in Seville.

CENER also offers the possibility of developing specific calculation tools and web tools that help architects and engineers make decisions in the design phase.

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