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The rehabilitation of existing buildings with energy and environmental criteria is a strategic activity in the CENER Department of Energy Transition in Cities, as the action taken on the existing building stock is a key element to reduce CO2 emissions in our cities.

The TEC Dept. has proven experience in the development of energy rehabilitation models:

  • Acting upon the efficiency of energy flows in the existing town or city.
  • Giving support to local administrations in the development of innovative and ambitious integral urban regeneration projects.
  • Including urban heating and cooling solutions, as well as energy rehabilitation plans for neighbourhoods and buildings.

Some emblematic projects in the field have been the development of integrated urban rehabilitation strategies in the neighbourhoods of Balsas de Ebro Viejo in Zaragoza and Lourdes in Tudela (Navarre), or the energy rehabilitation projects of the buildings of the neighbourhoods of El Picarral in Zaragoza and Bidebieta in San Sebastian.

In parallel, CENER has played an important role in the development of two European research projects based on Energy and Environmental Rehabilitation: E-TOOL and NIRSEPES.


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