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Power Electronics Laboratory

In the Power Electronics Laboratory, converters focused on the field of smart grids are designed and developed, as well as industrial and containerized solutions for different applications.

The converter developed by CENER (Smart Converter) is designed for the management of microgrids either connected or isolated from the net. It allows the integration in the DC part of any renewable generation source or storage systems, as well as an input for a generator set. It also incorporates an EMS (Plant Energy Management System) capable of managing any installation that has renewable or conventional generation, as well as any storage technology on the AC side. This EMS integrates both the plant control and energy optimization algorithms of the available resources.

Smart Grids Laboratory

The Smart Grids Laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools to simulate models and reproduce different events at the grid. In this way and through the energy management and optimization algorithms developed by CENER, grid impact studies of the different technologies can be carried out, as well as an economic and technical analysis of the ancillary services that the multiple generation and storage systems can offer. In turn, real and simulated grids can be synchronized to perform highly complex energy studies.

In this laboratory, different telecommunications and IoT tools are developed and tested for the management of the energy grids of the future, all based on the concept of Virtual Power Plant and incorporating cybersecurity as a fundamental element.

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