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The project “SIGMATRACKERS, The innovation of the trackers for photovoltaic concentration systems in Spain”, was born as a natural continuation of the “SIGMASOLES” project: The innovation of photovoltaic concentration in Spain “. The main objective is the R + D + i for the development of trackers for high concentration photovoltaic systems.

The long-range objective is the transfer of the technology obtained in order to achieve a validated and reliable product, which is easily industrialized and at low cost. Specific objectives: This project aims to achieve different specific objectives that are described below:

  • To maintain the leadership position of Spanish companies that manufacture trackers that use the most innovative technologies. In this case, different trackers will be developed with totally new concepts and developed in detail by different manufacturers.
  • Maintain the leading position of Spanish R & D centers that support manufacturers in the development of trackers, by performing characterization and reliability procedures that can be used for validation and later as international standards.
  • Obtain perfectly characterized and validated trackers, with improved quality and reliability characteristics that surpass the corresponding field tests, for the subsequent industrialization of the product. This action will be carried out through the analysis, characterization and validation of the different trackers by the Universities and the R & D centers involved.

The final objective of this project will be to obtain trackers of lower cost and greater reliability that can be used for CPV technology, as well as to develop trackers that comply with the draft regulations currently and which is the first worldwide that will regulate the certification of these precision machines indispensable for the implementation of CPV technology. CENER Within the present project, CENER will participate in the following subprojects:

  • Subproject 2. Development of trackers with different functionalities, led by Abengoa.
  • Subproject 3: High capacity follow-up development, led by SENER.
  • Subproject 5: Development of evaluation and testing procedures, led by ISFOC.

The project has been financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness within the INNPACTO 2011 – 2014 call. Its financing budget amounts to € 4,645,667.

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