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  • DURATION: 2 years.


  • MAIN OBJETIVE: The main objective is the development of an advanced modelling tool for wind turbines, combining and integrating validated hydro-aero-servo-elastic models with new aerodynamic models based on panel and vortex methods, in order to accurately represent rotor and wake. This will permit to obtain reliable simulations of any operating condition of the wind turbine. Furthermore, the scope of a methodology for wind turbine stability analysis will be extended for additional operating conditions. This stability analysis can be nourished with the results of the simulations with the new advanced tools. The developments focus on onshore and offshore wind turbines.


  • CENER ACTIVITIES: Activities performed by CENER include on one side the interaction with the wind energy industry in order to identify and define the scope of the required technology developments, and, on the other side, technical tasks such as development and validation of aerodynamic codes based on panel and vortex methods or the implementation of stability analysis techniques based on OMA (Operational Modal Analysis). In addition, CENER is also responsible of the assessment of the new tools in practical cases.






  • FUNDING: The total Budget for CENER is 210,937.5 € (the total budget for the project is 303,500 €)
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