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  • DURATION: 2018- 2021


  • GENERAL OBJETIVE: This project proposes the development of photonic structures applied to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic modules based on both thin film technology and standard wafer-based crystalline silicon. The aim is for these photonic structures to improve the trapping of incident solar radiation in the solar photovoltaic cell and to cool it passively, to lower the operating temperature of the photovoltaic modules, thereby increasing their efficiency and durability. Furthermore, the photonic structures must maintain these functionalities regardless of the angle of incidence of the incident solar radiation. In this way, the objective of this project contributes to the reduction of the LCOE by photovoltaic means, favouring the transition towards a sustainable energy model and displacing the consumption of fossil fuels.


  • CENER ACTIVITY : CENER’s  Department of Solar Energy Technologies and Storage focuses part of its activities on supporting the photovoltaic industrial sector, improving performance and reducing the costs of this technology, improving and extending its possibilities of use. In this particular project, CENER provides the vision, needs and objectives of the industry and photovoltaic technology and manufactures and characterises the samples, with different characterisation techniques, including field monitoring.




  • FUNDING: 336.153 €

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