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EOLIA (Technologies for Offshore Wind Farms in Deep Water) is a CENIT project of the CDTI, focused on new floating wind turbine concepts for offshore sites in deep water.

Among its objectives, the EOLIA Project, led by Acciona Group, aims to establish new methodologies and innovative technologies that will make it possible to develop offshore wind farm projects with high-power machines > 10 MW. These new technologies will provide both the technical as well as environmental and social feasibility of offshore wind energy at depths of more than 40 m.

CENER-ADA participation:

  • Generation of 3 specific wind turbine concepts for offshore application.
  • Design of new aerodynamic aerofoils and rotor concept for offshore wind turbine > 10 MW with high blade tip speed.
  • New materials for: Blades, frames, hubs and towers for offshore wind turbines:
  • Verification and improvements of simulation codes:
    • Inter-comparison of code results.
    • Simulation of three floating platform models (TLP, spar and semisubmersible) and verification with other codes.
    • Incorporation of propriety model of dynamic loss, creation of a graphic interface to analyse the results, creation of a tool to automatically launch cases.
    • Introduction of dynamic mooring line model coupled with aeroelastic tool.
  • Development of tools to study adhesive lines under advanced methods based on fracture mechanics. Validation with tests


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