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September 2020-August 2024

Funde by H2020 UE: 25 M€



FLAGSHIP is a new Horizon 2020 project that aims to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for floating offshore wind to the range 40-60 €/MWh by 2030. To validate and demonstrate it, FLAGSHIP project will develop and fabricate the first 10 MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) assembled on a floating semi-submersible concrete structure in the Norwegian North Sea.

This demonstration project will manage a 25 million euros funding during its 4 years duration, aimed at optimizing floating offshore wind towards commercialization. The initiative was launched virtually last Thursday, 17 of September, and it will be coordinated by Iberdrola.

The implementation in real environment is essential to bring the technology demonstration to the required commercial maturity level. Thus, the project will build a robust and innovative semi-submersible concrete floating platform that includes an easy-to-install anchorage design, innovative mooring designs and configurations, as well as new cable designs with optimised installation and life management procedures. According to the project’s schedule, the production of the floating platform could start in the third quarter of 2021 and its installation at sea in the first quarter of 2022.

To address this challenges, Iberdrola will work with an international consortium that includes companies and institutions from 5 different countries: Spain (Core-Marine, CENER, IHCantabria, Zabala Innovation Consulting), Norway (Olav Olsen, Kvaerner, UnitechSubsea, Met Centre), France (EDF), Denmark (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) and Germany (DNV-GL).


The National research centre of Spain will contribute in the verification of the coupled models and supporting the conceptual design of the tower, the definition of the prototype’s monitoring system, and the development of turbine digital twin. CENER will lead WP2 on wind turbine and control design.

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