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Pamplona is linked by a road network of roads to Huesca, Zaragoza (also known as Saragossa), Logroño, San Sebastian and Irun. Long distance and provincial journeys are usually made using the following roads:

  • The A-15: Motorway runs from the south of Navarre to San Sebastian, and forms part of Pamplona’s outer ring road
  • The N-121: Pamplona – Zaragoza Road runs alongside the A-15 as far as Tudela, in the south of Navarre, where it joins the A-68 Ebro Motorway. It runs north, as far as Irurzun, where it joins the A15 Motorway to San Sebastian
  • The A-68: Ebro Motorway leads eastwards to Zaragoza and westwards to Logroño. This road also connect with the N-113 to Madrid
  • The N-111: Pamplona – Logroño Road
  • The N-240: Pamplona – Jaca Road
  • The N-240-A: the Sakana Motorway. links Vitoria with Pamplona and San Sebastian, and also joins the A-15 motorway at Irurzun
  • The N-121-A: Pamplona – Behovia via Puerto de Velate
  • The NA-135: Pamplona to France via Valcarlos

San Sebastian and Vitoria to Pamplona

The best way to reach Pamplona from San Sebastian is to drive along the A15 Motorway from San Sebastian passing Irurzun, 30 km (20 miles) from Pamplona, and continuing along the A-15 to Pamplona. If you are coming from Vitoria take the N240A Sakana Motorway, which also joins the A-15 Motorway at Irurzun.

Castile and Galicia to Pamplona

If you are coming to Navarre from Castile, drive along the N-1 Madrid–Irun Road to Vitoria then join the N240A.

If coming from Galicia, take the N-634 to Bilbao, where you join the motorway to Vitoria, and then the 240A to Pamplona.

If you are coming from or going to France then take one of the following routes:

  • N-121 A: Behovia -Pamplona via Puerto de Velate
  • N-121 B: France – Pamplona via Baztán
  • N-135: France – Pamplona via Valcarlos
  • N 138: France – Pamplona via Alduides
  • A-8: Behovia Motorway, to San Sebastian and then the A15 to Pamplona

Pamplona has three ring roads; they are the northern NA-30, the eastern NA-32 and the western A15. They are known locally as the Ronda Norte, Ronda Este and the Ronda Oeste. The ring roads interconnect Pamplona’s different districts with the surrounding towns, and facilitate travelling between different parts of the city.

  • The northern ring road gives access to the districts of San Jorge, Rochapea, San Pedro, Chantrea and Magdalena
  • The western ring road gives access to the districts of Mendebaldea, Echavacoiz, Iturrama, Abejeras and Azpilagaña; as well as the University of Navarre and the Public University of Navarre
  • The eastern ring road gives access to the districts of Milagrosa and Ensanche
  • To get to the Old Part and the San Juan district, you have to cross one of the aforementioned districts. Which one, depends on where you enter Pamplona.

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