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Annex 23 of the IEA, also called OC3 (Offshore Codes Comparison Collaborative) consists in comparing several offshore wind turbine simulations carried out by different institutions (companies, universities, research centres, etc.) with various simulation codes.

The objectives of this comparison exercise are: To identify and verify the capacities and limitations of the offshore turbine analysis models, as well as to establish a range of confidence in the model predictions, as well as to establish analysis methodologies. A final aim is to identify areas that need further research and validation.

CENER-ADA participation:

  • Phase I: Monopilot model with different foundation types. Development of the models and simulations of the cases with the FAST code.
  • Phase II: Tripod model. Wind turbine modelling with FAST and coupling with a NASTRAN tripod model.
  • Phase III: Spar-buoy floating model. Collaboration in the development of the model for participants in the project.


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